I'm Brandon!

I am currently study Computer Science at Cornell. I'm excited to explore for new opportunies in the Software Engineering field!

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Developed a Recipe-Generator app with React and Firebase, enabling users to generate random recipes. The app utilizes OpenAI's API for real-time recipe suggestions and Firebase's Firestore for seamless recipe storage and management.

  • React
  • TypeScript
  • Firebase
  • Node

Labyrinth of Riches

In a graphical user interface (GUI), I utilized the depth-first-search algorithm to navigate a randomly generated maze and find the exit. Additionally, I implemented Dijkstra's Shortest Path algorithm, employing various data structures to efficiently track nodes and perform necessary calculations

  • Java

K-Means Clustering

Developed a program that utilized the k-means clustering algorithm to analyze extensive data from Excel. This involved designing methods to represent key concepts such as Dataset, Cluster, and Algorithms within the program. To assess the performance of different datasets, I calculated the clustering rate and efficiency using a graphical user interface (GUI) application.

  • Python
  • Numpy

Space Invaders

Recreated a popular shooting video game using a model-view-controller pattern design, providing a structured and organized architecture. By integrating the Game2D package, I developed a complex and interactive application where players could accumulate points. To enhance the visual experience, I configured coroutines and generators to animate sprites, allowing for seamless transitions between a collection of images and providing smooth gameplay.

  • Python


I've worked with a range a technologies, where I'm most confident with Python and OCaml. I've also picked up several skills and tools along the way.

  • Front-End

    Experiece with
    HTML, CSS, and React.js,

  • Back-End

    Experience with
    Node.js and Firebase

  • Languages

    Experience with
    Python, Java, OCaml, and TypeScipt

About Me

I'm from Brooklyn, NY, where I enjoy fitness, bouldering, and martial arts! I hope to learn and build new things within the field of software engineering

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Email: brandonlu3556@gmail.com

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/brandon-lu14

GitHub: https://github.com/Brandonnl